Reaching Customers Via Cross Channel Promotion

Brand Promotion across Various Channels in San Diego, CA

In today’s world, there are many ways to get your message across to customers. Direct mail, social media, text messages, email, and even good old-fashioned mail order catalogs can be used to get your message to the intended audience. The key to connecting with customers is to deliver your message effectively via multiple methods. Saba SEO, a leading San Diego optimization firm, wants to welcome you to the world of cross-channel promotion.

Define Your Purpose for Each Channel

The same campaign can be promoted in a different way on each channel you wish to use. Alter the wording you use on each channel to reflect how users are likely to respond to what’s presented. For instance, social media users generally don’t like to be “sold” to, so present offers without being too pushy. Conversely, people who have signed up for your emails are more likely to be receptive to a sales pitch.

Provide Multiple Methods of Engagement

Connect your channels by giving your recipients multiple ways to respond. For instance, you might send out a catalog that has an order form inside as well as your website address so orders can be placed online. You can also send out emails as part of a campaign that includes a link to your site and a phone number because some customers prefer to interact with an actual person.

Test Responses on Some Channels

A marketing campaign may start with an email and continue with a follow-up direct mailer for recipients who have shown interest, or you may send out text message alerts first to gauge interest in a particular offer before extending it to your website and other channels. Just because “everybody” is using mobile-friendly channels doesn’t mean your customers can’t also be effectively reached through other channels. Do some experimenting to see what combinations work best for your various campaigns. Regardless of the channels you use, maintain consistency with your message so your brand image is reinforced.

At Saba SEO, a trusted search engine marketing agency in San Diego, we believe in thinking outside the box to help our clients thrive. Whether it’s through cross channel promotion or PPC management, we can find the most effective way to drive more online traffic to your company’s website. Give us a call today at 858-951-1717 to schedule an appointment.