8 Tips for Using Google Ads that Can Boost Your Revenue

Using Google Ads that Can Boost Your Revenue in San Diego, CA

Google Ads is the most popular platform for paid advertising because of the potential to zero in on your target audience from a very large pool of searchers. At the same time, there are many factors that determine the effectiveness of your various campaigns. The experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO service agency, share eight simple Google Ads tips that can boost your revenue and ROI.

1. Fine-Tune Landing Pages

If your main goal with Google Ads is to increase conversions and make more money, make sure your landing pages are inviting and relevant. Remember, the purpose of a landing page is to encourage conversions, a goal more likely to be achieved with:

• A clear call to action
• Compelling, concise content that highlights the main benefits of what you’re offering
• The natural use of relevant keywords
• No excess clutter/distraction (e.g., unrelated content or too many opportunities to click elsewhere)

2. Identify Irrelevant Keywords

A term as simple as “glasses” can be a money loser if you’re getting ad traffic for people searching for eyeglasses when you’re actually offering wine glasses. This is why you’ll make more money if you identify negative keywords. These are words or terms Google will exclude to help your ads reach interested searchers more effectively.

Bonus tip: Add specific or unique keywords to your ad groups to further define ad content.

3. Get Specific with Ad Objectives

The more specific you are with your ad goals, the more revenue you’ll generate. For instance, if you’re promoting a buy one, get one free offer, ad content and keywords emphasizing savings in relation to your products would likely attract more attention from thrifty searchers.

4. Target Specific Locations

Discounted trips to Florida aren’t going to be very appealing to online searchers who already live in the Sunshine State. When it makes sense to do so, set up specific geographic areas for your ads to boost relevance and eliminate unnecessary ad spending.

5. Categorize Your Keywords

Keywords for your ads can be broken down into different types based on the intent behind each one. There are four basic keyword types:

• Broad
• Broad match modified
• Phrase match
• Exact match

There are trade-offs to consider with each one. For example, broad matches tend to be less expensive, but you may not get as much relevant ad placement. Exact matches, on the other hand, are often more of an investment, but the payoff could be higher click rates and increased relevance.

6. Consider Responsive Search Ads

With RSAs, Google offers options for up to 15 headlines and four descriptions. Google will then test your combinations and tell you which ones performed best. Just make sure your headlines and descriptions are ones that can still make sense when switched around.

7. Use Relevant Ad Extensions

Google gives you several options with ad extensions. Using the right “extras” with your ads can enhance performance. Some of the more common extensions give you opportunities to add additional links or product details, a phone number for your business, or location-specific details like your address.

8. Watch Your Quality Score

One other simple way to make more money with Google Ads is to raise your quality score. This is the 1–10 score Google assigns to each ad. A higher score improves your ad placement, which can mean a significant revenue boost. Scores are based on an assessment of keywords, ad relevance, click-through rates, and landing page experience.

If you need help optimizing the way you use Google Ads, reach out to Saba SEO. From searching for the right keywords to designing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we offer a variety of services to help businesses boost their online visibility. For more than fifteen years, our experts have helped organizations all over the world expand their outreach and acquire more leads by utilizing a variety of effective and targeted digital marketing tactics. To talk to one of our experts on Internet marketing and SEO, San Diego companies should give us a call today.