Google Analytics: Tips for Avoiding False Conversions

Tips for Avoiding False Conversions: Google Analytics in San Diego, CA

Google Analytics (GA) is a reliable source of online engagement information. However, it’s also possible to have issues with false conversions that make the data presented less accurate and beneficial. Whether you’re managing your search engine optimization yourself or consulting with a top-tier San Diego SEO agency, here’s what you need to know about how to avoid false conversions in Google Analytics.

Don’t Track Useless Conversions

One way you can avoid false GA conversions is to avoid tracking ones you shouldn’t be counting or tracking. For instance, you might be tracking conversions for every one of your webpages and not just the ones meant to be where conversions take place. Check your conversion criteria to make sure you have tracking preferences set up so you’re only counting relevant pages.

Confirm Google Is Indexing Your Conversion Pages

Google’s crawlers are only going to benefit you conversion-wise if the pages you want to track conversions for are being properly indexed. A quick and easy way to determine if conversion pages are being indexed is to search for those specific pages on Google to see what comes up.

Check Your Tracking Code

Tracking code errors in Google Analytics can give you false conversions for a number of reasons. For example, you might have code that’s missing on certain pages you want to track. With a situation like this, some user activities may not be recorded, which could give you incomplete tracking data.

Edit Your Goals

Edit your goals for conversions in Google Analytics to clearly define what counts as a conversion for your purposes. For instance, you might prefer to use a funnel system where users have to visit other pages first before getting to the conversion page. You can also use multiple target conversions if you have different conversion goals you want to track.

Lastly, once you’ve made adjustments to your conversion settings, leave your old conversion tracking data up. GA allows you to run your original tracking data and your adjusted settings at the same time. Doing so allows you to compare results to see if you’re getting more accurate conversion data.

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