Using Google Analytics to Your Advantage

Google Analytics Advantages in San Diego, CA

Google Analytics is one of the best tools businesses can use to measure the success of their inbound marketing efforts (and it’s free, too). The amount of information available can feel overwhelming initially, so use the following tips to get the most out of your organic marketing efforts and PPC campaign.

Set Goals

Set conversion goals and more by navigating to the Goals section of the Admin menu. Use existing templates or create your goals from scratch. Every time you visit your control panel, you will quickly see how well your site has progressed.

Customize Dashboards

Stop hunting for the Google Analytics features that most interest you. Instead, create a custom dashboard that shows them all in one place. Visit the Dashboards menu to create as many as twenty screens that can quickly give you the information you need.

Use Custom Alerts

If you grow weary of checking your account every day, try setting custom alerts that will email you when different conditions or user behaviors that you care about occur. Create a new alert from the Admin menu and then get busy with other things until you receive an alert.

Remove Yourself

Google Analytics measures all website user metrics including those generated from your visits. Create a new IP filter from the admin panel and enter the IP addresses you most often use. Excluding your actions from your Analytics reports will improve your view of user behavior.

Check Website Speed

If your site loads slowly, you will lose business as visitors and shoppers abandon your site and go to another. You might also lose page rank and organic traffic to your site. Under the Reporting menu, click on Behavior and run the Site Speed report. From the results, you can identify poorly performing pages and take corrective action.

View Traffic Flow

Find out the paths your visitors take through your site. Use the options from the Behavior menu to see what page visitors land on and what subsequent pages they visit. The information can help you understand what people want from your site so you can design it to meet their needs.

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