Google Image Optimization Strategies for E-Commerce Websites

Tips on Google Image Optimization for E-Commerce Sites in San Diego, CA

Images are very important for e-commerce sites, and Google’s image optimization feature offers new opportunities for businesses to attract customers. About 75 percent of people regularly search for images before buying something, while only 3 percent never look at images. Online shoppers want to see their product before purchasing it, so including images in your site will enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Google has recently partnered with Getty Images to make some changes to its image search feature. The company has removed the View Image option from its search engine, but they’re keeping the Visit Site option. Now, when viewers want a closer look at the image, they’ll be directed to the website, where they can see the image in its context. Because of this recent development, optimizing images is now one of the best ways for e-commerce sites to get more traffic. Experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO agency, share a few tips on Google image optimization.

Understand the Basics

Including a descriptive file name with keywords is one of the best ways to optimize your product images. You should also include optimized alternative text, which will appear if the image doesn’t load. Google uses the alternative text to determine the context of the image, which can affect its search rankings.

Ask Your Customers to Share Their Images

If viewers see images of your products shared by current customers, they’ll be more likely to trust your brand. Encourage your customers to upload images with their purchases to Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Then, you can add those images to your product pages to appeal to potential customers.

Compress the Images

Compressing your images will make them load faster, which will boost their search rankings and allow them to be seen by more people. There are a variety of image compressing tools available online, including TinyPNG, Optimizilla, and ImageSmaller.

Optimizing online content, including images, can be a difficult task. Fortunately, the experts at Saba SEO can help you with search engine optimization. As a leading San Diego web development company, we have designed customized digital marketing strategies for businesses all around the globe. Our experts stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of search engine optimization and offer high-quality services with lasting results. If you want to boost your business’s search engine ranking and online visibility, give us a call at 858-951-1717 today.