Here’s What You Need to Know About Google’s Local Search Update

Google Local Maps in San Diego, CA

With approximately 60 percent of consumers using Google to find reputable local businesses, there’s no denying the power of local search. Understanding Google’s latest search updates can give digital marketing agencies in San Diego upper hand over competitors and help you tap into a customer base increasingly searching for what matters most to them within their current geographic area.

No Google My Business Description Edits

Changes to your business description can still be made on Google+ but not on My Business. Go to to edit your business description through Google+. It’s been suggested the change was made to discourage spam and keyword stuffing.

Category Adjustments

Google also made a bunch of category deletions and adjustments to the bulk upload form. “City” is now “Locality,” “Alt. is now “Additional Phones,” and “Email,” “Fax,” and “Payment Types” are among the deletions.

New My Business Metrics

Google+ metrics have been replaced in the Google Dashboard by enhanced GMB profile stats. You can now get info on:

  • Whether customers come across your business with a normal search or via Google Maps
  • A breakdown of actions browsers are taking during website visits
  • Requests for driving directions
  • Phone calls
  • Photos

‘Critic Reviews’ and ‘On These Lists’

“Critic Reviews” will now be included with local business search results on Google. The new feature will provide access blurbs from reputable review sites, including Google-owned Zagat, plus links to those reviews. No ratings will be shown. An “On These Lists” feature will provide access to articles mentioning the searched business.

Nearly 200 billion local searches are performed each year, with the majority of those efforts initiating from a mobile device, so clearly it makes sense for Google to embrace the shift towards all things local. It also presents an opportunity to present a more detailed glimpse of what you offer to increasingly click-happy browsers seeking enough info to make a confident decision.

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