Google Will Notify Reviewers When Business Owners Respond

Google Will Alert Reviewers to Business Owners’ Responses in San Diego, CA

Google recently announced an important new change to their review system. People will now be notified with an email when a business responds to their reviews. This email will show the original review and provide a link to the response. In their announcement, Google also mentioned they plan to roll out mobile push notifications in the future. The experts at Saba SEO, provider of high-quality SEO in San Diego, discuss the latest Google update.

Community manager Marissa Nordahl explained that there’s a five-minute delay between the response being published and the notification being sent. The delay gives business owners a chance to proofread the response one last time and make changes before the reviewer sees it.

The latest Google update could be good or bad for your business depending on the circumstances. If a customer leaves a negative review, it’s best for your business to respond politely and sincerely. However, it’s not always easy to appease angry customers. Even if you write the perfect response, they may get upset again when they get the notification and remember their experience.

On the other hand, the new notification system gives you a better opportunity to engage with your satisfied customers. A reviewer who sees your response will remember the positive experience and may be more likely to return. Also, your customers will think highly of you for taking the time to reply. They’ll feel more of a personal connection to you or your business.

Whether you’re responding to positive or negative reviews, it’s especially important to choose your words carefully now that the reviewer is more likely to see them. Thank your customers for taking the time to leave a review, and don’t take negative reviews personally. Try to keep your messages short and to the point while also being genuine.

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