How Does Google Determine Rankings?

Search Engine Result Pages

Google takes several different factors into consideration when determining how a site will show up after that initial search request is entered. Understanding Google’s search criteria can help you optimize your own website so that it will rank higher, preferably somewhere within the first page of returned results, since searchers aren’t likely to browse through multiple pages.

Here are just some of the ways that top internet marketing companies, such as Saba SEO, work to get clients to that esteemed first page.

Keyword Density

Google’s spiders do more than search for keywords, they determine how many times keywords are used within a page and how “organic” or natural those keywords and phrases are in relation to the surrounding content. In general, you need to have a keyword density of at least 2 percent for a word to rank. However, you don’t want to go beyond 5 or 6 percent or you’ll get a flag for keyword stuffing. You’ll also want to use keywords for your:

• Image and photo captions
• Headlines and subheads
• Root domain name
• Page name URL
• Internal and external link anchor text on a page

Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and File Names

Google uses title tags, meta descriptions and file names to find your webpages, so you want to make sure you’re using relevant keywords and phrases that accurately reflect your content. Google will flag sites that use misleading keywords just to generate clicks, which won’t lead to many conversions anyway. Google also searches for meta tags containing hidden keywords, and phrases in the header of site that are invisible to the user yet still considered by Google for indexing purposes.

The Quality of Links

If you’re going to use links to other sites within your content (which can be a good thing), make sure the links are valid. Google will flag content if the links are bad or direct users to poor quality sites. Google also considers the quality of inbound links, referring to the process of someone linking back to your site while your site links back to their site.

Google uses over 200 different factors in determining how a site ranks. While the search engine giant won’t reveal how it weighs each factor, having an understanding of some key ranking criteria can definitely give you the upper hand when looking to put your content in front of the right audience.

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