Essential Info on Google Remarketing & AdRoll Retargeting

Important Tips on Google Remarketing and AdRoll Retargeting in San Diego, CA

Online searchers have different needs and demands. Some visitors will come to your site, look around, and then leave. There are also customers who add items to their carts, but then decide not to complete the purchase. Finally, there are searchers who have actually made a purchase in the past. Irrespective of their online behaviors, you can target your customers using both Google remarketing and AdRoll retargeting techniques. Consider this information on Google remarketing and AdRoll retargeting, brought to you by experts at a leading San Diego SEO Company.

AdRoll for Retargeting

AdRoll works with several advertising partners like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook Exchange. Using the AdRoll platform gives you access to several useful resources for activities like geo-targeting by location and customer segmentation.

To further fine-tune your focus, you can also exclude or target visitors to your site based on the actions they’re taking. For instance, you can create a group for visitors who put items in their cart without completing a purchase. You’ll also be able to set up advanced tracking rules. Some other appealing AdRoll features include:

  • Automatically adjusting your campaigns based on when you are getting the most incremental conversions
  • Interpreting analytics
  • Providing “Liquid Ads” that can be used to personalize impressions based on visits to product pages
  • Retargeting with newsfeed ads

Remarketing with Google

Your remarketing efforts with Google can be done through your AdWords account. All you’ll need to get started is a remarketing tag for your site. You’ll then be able to build your ads and set up your campaigns. Google allows you to create convenient remarketing lists that can separate visitors based on things like:

  • The time period when they visited your site
  • Which specific pages they landed on
  • Those who visited other pages on your site and those who did not check out your other pages

Google also has remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). You can use RLSA to create specific campaigns to target people who have searched for particular keywords related to your offers.

You’ll be using the Google Display Network for your remarketing efforts, which will give you access to roughly 10 percent of the internet. The potential reach isn’t as great as what you’d get with AdRoll. Still, it’s appealing if you want something you can easily set up with your AdWords efforts.

Remarketing with Google and AdRoll gives you the opportunity to persuade previous or potential customers already familiar with what you have to offer. Additionally, remarketing often means reduced costs per impression, more appealing conversion rates, and a better return on your investment.

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