A Peak into Google’s Search Quality Guidelines

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A few months back, Google released its search quality guidelines, allowing users, website owners, and those interested in the mechanics of SEO to further explore the concepts of a quality search.

The mission of the quality guidelines released by Google last November is to provide transparency and give marketers and webmasters the power to examine the quality of search results. The company recognized that most users are looking for instant access to relevant information while on the go, and this document will help marketing professionals better identify and cater to the needs to consumers.


Google discloses characteristics of a high-quality page, such as content that is trustworthy and based on the expertise of those who have created the website. It also aims to help SEOs and San Diego online marketing pros understand the landscape of mobile searches, including user location, task location, and the intent of the user. Google advises against things like that contribute to a low-quality page, like pages without purpose, deceptive pages, and websites that have been abandoned.


The release by Google will help SEOs everywhere in their quest to improve visibility online. These guidelines serve as a check list and monitoring tool that can be used to regularly evaluate and update information on the website. While we are still waiting for Google Quality Guidelines to leak (we can hope, can’t we?), in the meantime, the document gives businesses a chance to improve their SEO efforts and hopefully get a boost in SERPs.

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