What Google’s Latest Broad Core Update Means for Your Website

How Can Google’s Broad Core Update Impact Your Website? in San Diego, CA

Google routinely announces updates to its core search algorithm throughout the year. The purpose of such announcements is to provide a heads-up to marketers, webmasters, and others engaged in online marketing. The search engine giant recently announced a “broad core” search algorithm update. Experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading marketing companies in San Diego, discuss some of the key features of the broad core update and what it means for your website.

What Is a Broad Core Update?

Google rolls out general core updates on a frequent basis. In fact, it’s believed core algorithm tweaks are made almost daily. However, Google’s “broad core algorithm update” seems more extensive than just an ordinary adjustment. The company hasn’t given a lot of hints about what such updates actually are. Based on clues previously provided by Google, broad core updates generally involve:

  • Updating the rules on how user intent is determined
  • Creating better overall search results
  • Developing a better comprehension of content

Is Google Heavily Focused on Low-Quality Webpages?

There has been speculation that Google’s broad core updates target low-quality webpages or sites, but there is no compelling evidence to support this claim. Available information suggests Google is more concerned about user intent and experience. There are no case studies linking core updates to low-quality websites, suggesting it’s not what matters most to Google right now.

What Do Broad Core Updates Mean for Website Rankings?

According to Google, the broad core updates may help some previously under-rewarded sites boost their rankings. However, other websites may see little or no changes in their rankings. If you happen to lose some ranking power because of these updates, Google suggests waiting for things to balance out enough for your site to regain its visibility. The only other advice Google gives on the impact of broad core updates is to “make content great.”

It can be exhausting to keep up with every Google update. A better plan of action is to focus on user experience, which is at the heart of everything Google does these days. Improving user experience involves producing a steady flow of relevant content, using high-quality internal and external links, staying active on social platforms, and paying attention to technical SEO features like website structure, H1 and H2 headings, and encryption.

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