New AdWords Campaign Designed to Drive Calls to Businesses

Googles Call Only Ads

Calling all business owners, online marketers and AdWords managers in San Diego – and across the nation! Google is changing the pay-per-click landscape again, offering a new call-only campaign that is designed specifically to increase the number of calls that a business gets from their online advertisements.

So what’s the difference between call-only and AdWords ads?

  1. First Line of Ad Copy

    If you’re familiar with AdWords, you know that you get three lines of copy. The first line generally states the name of your company or the service or product that you’re providing and the second two provide more insight into your offerings. With a call-only ad, this first line is simply “Call: your number here”

  2. Contact with Customer

    With a typical AdWords ad, the user is taken to an advertiser’s landing page or website when he or she clicks on the ad. With a call-only ad, a click connects the mobile phone user directly to the company via a phone call. In fact, users can’t even get to the advertiser’s website by clicking the ad.

  3. Where the Ad Shows

    Call-only ads are specifically designed to show on devices that have the ability to make phone calls (most smartphones). While the advertiser will still pay for the click incurred, it will be a phone call to the advertiser’s business.

Call-only ads seem to be Google’s way of emphasizing the importance of being relevant to users not only on the internet, but on mobile phones as well. With more and more users turning to their mobile phones to conduct research and searches to find information about products and services, call-only ads may help to boost sales by providing the user with an immediate point of contact. This simple ad prompts an immediate call with the idea that your user should be able to reach you, right as they are searching.

Setting up a call-only ad campaign is extremely simple as well. San Diego internet marketers and online managers simply need to log into their AdWords accounts, click to create an ad, and in the drop down, the “call-only ad type” option can be selected. Then, simply fill out the remaining ad copy as you would a regular AdWords ad.

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