Google Is Now Testing a New Responsive Search Ads Format

Google Starts Testing a New Responsive Search Ads Format in San Diego, CA

As Google tries to make machine learning models a bigger part of AdWords optimization, they’re rolling out a new responsive search ads format. Responsive search ads are still in beta, so not all advertisers will see them yet. Those who do have access to the feature can let the machines take more creative control in exchange for extra publicity. The experts at Saba SEO, a leading internet marketing service provider in San Diego, discuss some of the key features of the new responsive ads format.

Responsive search ads work by combining various headlines and descriptions in different orders. Google wants their advertisers to steer away from manual A/B testing and instead include at least three ads in each ad group. With responsive search ads, you’ll have a greater number of ads targeting the same keywords, but the process is mostly automated.

You can create up to 15 headlines and four descriptions in one responsive search ad. Then, Google will test different combinations dynamically to discover which ads are the most effective for reaching your goals. This process allows you to test several variations of your ad copy at once instead of going through numerous rounds of A/B testing.

Because the headline combinations will be dynamically generated, each of your headlines should be distinct. They should highlight different features, offers, products, or calls to action. Like with all Google ads, each headline should contain at least one of your keywords. You have the option to pin headlines to specific positions in the page, which is helpful for disclaimers or calls to action. However, once you pin a headline to a position, no other headlines can appear in that spot.

People who like to have total control over their ads may feel uncomfortable with machine learning models taking over. However, Google is offering an incentive to try out this new feature. Responsive search ads can show three headlines instead of two, and they get two 90-character descriptions instead of just one 80-character description. Even if you’re skeptical about responsive search ads, it’s worth trying out to take advantage of the extra publicity.

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