Google Search Console Adds COVID-19 Announcement Controls

Google Search Console Adds COVID-19 Announcement Controls in San Diego, CA

Google Search Console (GSC) is addressing COVID-19 concerns with a new “special announcements” tool specific to site markup. Specifically, it’s a type of structured data markup related to the global pandemic, which is having a significant impact on search results and search behavior. The San Diego SEO specialists at Saba SEO offer the following advice on what you need to know about this new Search Console feature and how to use it.

Using the Report, Which Is Limited to Certain Websites

The new Search Console report was first introduced in April 2020. The markup can be used by any website. However, it’s currently only specific to search results on Google for certain categories. Right now, this means government and health-related websites, since sites of this nature typically post information about stay-at-home orders and guidelines and school closings.

Utilizing the New Announcement Tool

The main reason for the new report is to help website owners identify and fix implementation errors. Websites using this new markup will be able to keep track of rich results in GSC to achieve this goal. The special announcement structured data is designed to do three things:

• Identify errors
• Discover warnings
• Enable valid implementations

Site owners can also use this tool to confirm markup has been correctly added. You’ll also be able to find out which specific pages on your site need attention. Once a fix is made, it can be validated directly from the GSC report.

Check your Performance Report in Search Console to find special announcements info. You’ll also be able to view total impressions and clicks related to Google results featuring SA markup. Additionally, SA structured data is supported by GSC’s Rich Results Test tool. This tool can be used to test markup once it’s added to a page. Code can also be uploaded to review markup for new or updated pages that haven’t gone live.

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