2021’s Top Tools for Checking & Tracking SERP Results

Best SERP Checker & Tracker Tools in 2021 in San Diego, CA

Appearing front and center on search engine results pages is a goal most businesses hope to achieve, especially since many searchers don’t go beyond page one results. Because there are many variables that can affect whether your business actually achieves this goal, it’s important to have access to reliable SERP results. The experts from Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego, suggest some of the best tools to use to stay on top of your SERP results in 2021.


Offering more than 50 SERP features, this SERP checker and tracker has a user-friendly interface along with an assortment of easily accessible, accurate data. In addition to the ability to track keyword performance on SERPs for both desktop and mobile devices, key features include:

• Easy integration with Google Analytics and Search Console to further fine-tune results
• A side-by-side display of webpage rankings and visitor metrics
• Historical data for keywords
• Historical competitor ranking comparison

SE Ranking

This SERP checker and tracker is affordable and ideal if you only need to track a fairly small number of keywords—less than 250. But you’ll get a historical overview coupled with an easily digestible interface. The drawback is you’ll have to do a lot of clicking to get your reports. Still, this tool can work well for smaller businesses.

Pro Rank Tracker

With this checker and tracker, you’ll get comparison and progress reports plus the ability to integrate your data with often-used apps like Dropbox and Google Drive. What’s more, this tracker provides local, national, and international results and allows you to compare your business to your competitors’ results in the same niche or industry.

Other standout features include:

• Highly accurate SERP results
• Tracking for all major search engines, including Yahoo and YouTube
• An eCommerce tracking feature
• Ability to add other accounts for free

Mangools SERPWatcher

With this tracker, you’ll get a full suite of useful tools, including ones that can be used to check and track SERP results. Only Google results can be tracked, but it’s easy to use and worth considering if you only have basic tracking needs.

Advanced Web Ranking

Providing tracking data from any device, this tool is a web-based application that lets you keep an eye on your online visibility distribution and evolution. Other notable features include:

• Local SERP results tracking
• Results tracking for snippets, images, videos, tweets, and other information that could show up on results pages
• Support for ranking data from Amazon and other sources of this nature

This is just a sampling of the many possibilities with SERP checkers and trackers you’re welcome to use in 2021. SERPWoo, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Rank Ranger are among the other notable trackers to consider as you explore your options. Ultimately, you’ll do well with a tool that meets your current needs and fits into your budget.

If you need help optimizing your business’s SEO strategy to boost your SERP rank, reach out to the experienced professionals at Saba SEO, the leading experts on SEO in San Diego. We can help you with search engine optimization, online marketing, social media management, web design, and much more. Give us a call today at 858-277-1717 to learn more about our high-quality service.