How to Grow Sales Without a Sales Team

Growing Sales without Sales Team

Small businesses are often confined to small budgets, making it difficult to market and reach the right target audience. Fortunately, for those businesses who don’t yet have it in the budget to hire a sales team, there are simple secrets that can help propel the business (and profit) without spending too much, or anything at all!

  1. Provide nothing short of exceptional customer service

    While it should be the goal of every business owner to create the best possible experience for a customer, providing excellent customer service is one of the easiest ways to grow overall sales. Today, review websites such as Yelp and Google+ are changing the way people search for products, with customers only frequenting a business if it has a proven track record of excellence. If you provide a great customer service experience and a friendly smile, the free publicity and exposure just through word of mouth can do wonders to boost your sales – all without costing you a dime.

  2. Share your knowledge with the community

    Whether you provide a free demonstration that highlights your product or service or you use your knowledge to help other start-up businesses, sharing what you know is a great way to promote business and brand. It can help to get your name out in the community and put you at the top of mind of prospective customers should they need your product or service in the future.

  3. Seek referral partnerships

    Networking has always been instrumental in the growth for a business, but challenge the traditional idea of networking and seek referral partnerships with other local businesses. Find businesses that offer a product or service that is different from yours, but would target the same people. You can then work to create a relationship with them, sharing and referring customers to each other to help grow one another’s business.

  4. Start the conversation on social media

    Social media management is a great way to grow a business, and social media platforms are being used more and more by small businesses. Twitter works best for updates about the business while Facebook is perfect for sharing deals, discounts and building your brand’s image among your targeted demographic. And when used right, promoting on social media can all be done for free!

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