Tips for Creating Templates for Email Marketing

Email templates create consistency and save you time, especially if you regularly send out multiple emails for marketing purposes. If you’re looking to create some handy templates to have at your disposal for the sake of convenience, there are several options to consider. The team at Saba SEO, the experts in internet marketing San Diego businesses rely on for marketing strategies that get high-quality results, cover the more common ones below.

Customize Existing Templates

HubSpot is one of the many places online where you can find free email templates to browse through and consider. Start by selecting the templates that suit your marketing purposes (e.g., basic intro emails, auto responses, follow-up emails, marketing/sales emails, etc.). Many platforms have drag-and-drop features to customize email templates. 

After you’ve selected appropriate templates for your various marketing and engagement purposes, further customize your preferred templates by:

• Adjusting colors and font sizes
• Adding any relevant text that applies to your business
• Using any available GIFs or stock photos that may be suitable

Also, check to see if the templates you’re customizing are for desktop, mobile, or both. This prevents potential issues with recipients being able to fully view and access your emails.

Use Gmail (or Your Preferred Email Service)

Many popular email services have features that allow you to easily create templates. Since Gmail is the most widely used email service, we’ll use it as an example. In this case, you would create your templates by:

• Enabling Templates in Advanced Settings
• Clicking Compose in Gmail
• Entering and editing your preferred template
• Saving your template as a new template or a draft version

Saved templates can be inserted into your emails when you’re ready to compose and send them to your recipients. Gmail also gives you the option to automate the process of sending template-based emails. You can create up to 50 templates with your Gmail account.

Know What to Include in Your Email Templates

The actual content of your emails will change, but there are certain elements that should be a standard part of your email marketing templates. These include:

• Your logo and basic business info (e.g., company name and contact info)
• A clear, direct subject line
• An appropriate close
• A compelling call to action

It’s generally easier to find existing templates you like and customize them to meet your needs. If you have a basic understanding of coding, design, and HTML, you’re also welcome to go the DIY route, or you could outsource this task and have templates made professionally.

The SEO and digital marketing experts at Saba SEO, one of the most trusted San Diego marketing companies, can help you create an email marketing strategy designed for optimal customer engagement and retention. With more than 20 years of experience helping businesses around the world, we assist clients with social media marketing, SEO, PPC, web design and development, and internet marketing. If you need help developing a marketing strategy that takes your business to the next level, call one of our specialists today.