5 Ways to Optimize UX with Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design Guidelines For Better UX in San Diego, CA

User experience is what ultimately inspires people to use a mobile app more than once. While there’s something to be said for all the wonderful things an app can actually do when it’s downloaded and used on mobile devices, bells and whistles aren’t going to matter much if UX isn’t kept in mind. Below are five mobile app design guidelines that can point you in the right direction, brought to you by the experienced professionals from Saba SEO, one of the top digital marketing companies San Diego businesses rely on for world-class innovation and expertise.

1. Make Navigation Smooth & Easy

Keep users interested in your mobile app by eliminating frustrating or confusing navigation features. Also, avoid unnecessary navigation-related elements that could slow down your app and discourage additional use. With navigation, it can also be helpful to:

• Include an optional navigation tutorial or tour
• Use colors strategically to make navigation features easy to find
• Put navigation features in a logical arrangement or order

2. Keep the Overall Design Simple

Unless you’re specifically targeting potential users expecting a more complex design, it’s best to aim for simplicity with your app’s design. Embrace a minimalist design approach by:

• Sticking to one primary purpose
• Making it clear what the main functions are
• Giving users an easy learning curve or a way to quickly get started

3. Stay Consistent

There’s something to be said for thinking outside the box, but if your app’s design strays too far from what people are accustomed to, you’ll only confuse users. Be consistent by focusing mainly on more conventional design features to make it easier for new users to jump in.

4. Make It Interactive

From in-app chat features to feedback and live assistance options, there are many ways to make a mobile app more interactive. Also, pay attention to current trends with interactive features so you can use what’s appropriate for your app and its purpose.

5. Have a Convenient Search Feature

If you’ll be using your mobile app to allow users to make purchases or request certain services, have a convenient search feature. Even with other app features, you’ll still want to make finding things a quick and easy process so users don’t switch over to a competitor’s app.

Finally, create a good user experience by testing your mobile app’s design before officially debuting it. It’s especially important to do this with user interface features you’re planning to include so any issues can be resolved before the app’s official launch.

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