Tips for Creating a Marketing Strategy around User-Generated Content

Online users crave fresh, consistent content. However, it’s not always easy to stay on top of this goal, especially for small and medium-sized businesses with other responsibilities and limited marketing budgets. One way to supplement the content you produce if you’re in this category is with user-generated content (UGC). The content marketing specialists at Saba SEO, one of the leading marketing companies in San Diego, outline what you’ll need to do to create a UGC strategy that fits your needs.

Choose Your Platforms

You’ll be more likely to get a steady flow of relevant user-generated content if you’re active on platforms your target audience naturally gravitates toward. For instance, if you have a more visual brand, your target audience may be more active and engaged on Pinterest or Instagram.

Set Specific UGC Goals

As is the case with any type of content, user-generated content should be based on specific goals. With UGC, the content curated from users, followers, clients, or customers could be intended for:

• Promoting brands or products
• Encouraging more conversions
• Boosting brand trust

Let Users Know What You Want

According to one survey, 50 percent of consumers wish brands would tell them what kind of content they prefer or want. This is why it’s important to set goals and give some direction to anyone engaging with your brand. For example, you can do this with email campaigns or social media posts where you ask for specific submissions.

Give Users an Incentive to Share

If you need a quick boost in UGC, give users an added incentive to contribute. Contests are a simple and effective way to do this. The “reward” can be something equally simple but meaningful, like having a post designated as the “post of the day” or offering a discount on the next purchase.

Get Permission from Your Users to Share Content

As a courtesy, get permission from users before you share or repurpose contributed content you find appealing or useful. On a related note, engage with the users contributing content. What this does is build relationships and encourage further interactions with your business or brand.

Also, track the results you get from your user-generated content. This will let you know if you’re getting what you need for your goals. Lastly, occasionally sort through your UGC to remove anything no longer relevant or in line with your current online marketing goals.

If you need a focused and effective content marketing strategy for your business, turn to Saba SEO. As one of the leading San Diego SEO service providers, we have designed results-oriented digital marketing strategies for businesses all over the globe. Our experts can provide fresh, unique, and fully optimized content for your businesses that’s sure to resonate well with your target audience and boost your online visibility. To schedule an appointment with one of our digital marketing specialists, give us a call today.