5 Ways Email Marketing Can Improve Online Ranking in a Hurry

5 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost Ranking in a Hurry in San Diego, CA

It’s estimated that about half of the world’s population uses email. Consider the increased reliance on mobile devices, and it’s easy to see why email marketing can be a smart way to boost brand awareness, encourage website visits, and generate more productive leads and conversions. Since roughly 50 percent of searchers discover websites through email, you’ll want to upgrade your email marketing game in a hurry. Experts at Saba SEO, a leading provider of online marketing in San Diego, share a few tips on how to use email marketing to improve your online ranking.

1. Boosts Your Social Signals

Search engine crawlers don’t scan emails, but the actions that result from your emails do count when it comes to your online visibility. A study found a direct correlation between the top ranking sites and social media activity. Email may be used to encourage the social interactions that affect rankings. Using email marketing to boost online ranking involves:

• Sending out emails when you have new social posts
• Including social share buttons in your emails
• Asking email subscribers to share your social links (or just including links to relevant social content in your emails to encourage sharing)

2. Retargets Website Visitors to Bring Down Bounce Rates

It’s one thing to get visitors to come to your website and another thing to get them to stick around and take the desired action. When visitors quickly leave your site, it’s called bouncing. Google considers bounce rates when determining how relevant a website is to searchers. One way to minimize bounce rates is to use your email campaigns to retarget visitors to your website by giving them an added incentive to go back and check out what you have to offer.

3. Archives and Repurposes Your Email Newsletters

If you regularly publish email newsletters, you probably have a lot of content saved up that your target audience finds interesting. Instead of letting it go to waste, create an online archive that contains all of your newsletter content. Repurpose the content where it can be ranked (e.g. as social media or blog posts), or make it available directly on your website in PDF format.

4. Requests Feedback

Reviews show up prominently on search engine results pages. Most searchers prefer online reviews over recommendations from friends, which is why anything that encourages reviews has the potential to boost your visibility. Send emails to recent customers with links back to review sites where you have a profile, as they may decide to submit their own feedback.

5. Segments Your Email Lists

Use your available data to separate your email lists into segments so you can present email content more likely to be welcomed by recipients. You can even look at things like open rates to see what email content is being read. Your email groups can be broken down based on many different factors, including:

• Previous products purchased on your site
• Age, gender, and education
• Geographic location
• Specific interests

While tactics like these can steer your current email marketing campaigns in the right direction, it’s important to plan for future email-based efforts. One way to do this is optimizing and retesting your various email campaigns and evaluating the results. You can also A/B test campaigns to learn things like what subject lines perform better. All this harvested data can be used to plan even better campaigns going forward.

If you need help with email marketing, reach out to Saba SEO. We provide the best search engine marketing, PPC, web design, and search engine optimization services San Diego has to offer. Our experts can analyze your target audience and create a customized digital marketing strategy that can result in increased leads and sales. We believe in lasting solutions and offer continual support. To schedule an appointment with one of our internet marketing experts, give us a call at 858-951-1717 today.