What’s the Best Way to Use Google Ads During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Best Way to Use Google Ads During the Coronavirus Pandemic in San Diego, CA

In-store visits dropped by 90 percent within a one-month period because of COVID-19 concerns. This is especially worrisome for businesses that normally use paid and organic results to drive in-person traffic. Even if this isn’t how you use Google Ads, there are still some ways you can benefit from this popular paid ad platform in today’s COVID-19 world. The experts at Saba SEO, a renowned San Diego web design company, share a few tips on how to get the most from Google Ads during the coronavirus pandemic.

Update Your Negative Keywords

Keyword research is more important than ever now, since panicked searchers are looking for information online related to coronavirus. Pay particular attention to your negative keyword list. Update it to reduce irrelevant traffic and avoid blowing through your paid search budget.

Use Smart Bidding

It’s not easy to keep up with shifts in search behavior related to COVID-19. One way to get the most out of your paid efforts is to use smart bidding for your Google Ads campaigns to adjust your CPC bids in real time.

Use Google Trends

This tool can be especially beneficial for your ads, since you’ll want to know how COVID-19 is affecting search habits. A special Google Trend Coronavirus Hub was recently launched for this purpose. The details you get from this tool can be used to create new ad content or adjust existing ad content.

Remarket to Past Customers

Since more people are staying at home and going online because of COVID-19, now is a good time to reach out to customers who have previously interacted with your brand or business. Go even further and shift your budget to remarketing campaigns that also target people who have already visited your website.

Get Traffic from Other Search Engines

A cost-effective way to make up for lost traffic due to COVID-19 is to include Google search partners in your campaigns. This brings in traffic from smaller search engines powered by Google along with local search engines.

Another step you can take if you have a traditional brick-and-mortar business that normally uses Google Ads is to get your business online in some manner. Even creating a basic website if you don’t already have one can be beneficial. Also, adjust your device bid adjustments if you notice more of your traffic is now coming from desktop searches being done at home.

If you need help optimizing the way you use Google Ads, reach out to Saba SEO. From searching for the right keywords to designing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we offer a variety of services to help businesses boost their online visibility. For more than ten years, our experts have helped organizations all over the world expand their outreach and acquire more leads by utilizing a variety of effective and targeted digital marketing tactics. To talk to one of our experts on Internet marketing and SEO, San Diego companies should give us a call at 858-277-1717 today.