Why Google’s Autocomplete Predictions Update Could Be Good for Businesses

How Google's Autocomplete Feature Benefits Businesses in San Diego, CA

Google’s autocomplete predictions can be a handy feature for searchers, especially if there are some uncertainties about spelling. The tool minimizes the need to fully type to get to the desired results. On the other hand, it can be frustrating when suggestions are way off, or even downright offensive. Google is hoping to minimize the risk of unintentionally offending searchers with some new adjustments to its autocomplete functions, which could also be a good thing for businesses. San Diego SEO experts at Saba SEO discuss the key features of Google’s autocomplete predictions update and its impact on organizations.

What Are the Policy Updates?

The updates are intended to prevent predictions that could be interpreted as being prejudiced or hateful toward any race or relating to hate and violence. Additionally, Google will filter out predictions that trivialize or glorify violence or suggest a reference to certain atrocities that aren’t appropriate. Google already removes predictions that may violate their guidelines, specifically those that include:

  • Explicit predictions not in an intentional medical or sexual context
  • Suggestions related to clearly dangerous or harmful activities
  • Predictions that appear “spammy” in nature

Why Are Removal Policy Updates Good for Businesses?

A big part of successful online marketing involves perception of brand image. If a searcher is actively looking for products or services related to certain activities or tasks, autocomplete suggestions that aren’t appropriate could reflect poorly on your business. For instance, let’s say you sell rental trucks for moving purposes. You wouldn’t want searchers to see suggested results about violent or unlawful acts involving rental vehicles after they type in a few words.

Generally, adjustments to autocomplete can be a good thing for the user experience. You don’t want searchers to ignore your offer, especially if they have been unintentionally offended coming to your site. Autocomplete is also a good thing for user experience because it typically reduces typing by 25 percent, which amounts to roughly two centuries worth of typing time per day. Autocomplete predictions can get searchers to your webpages faster.

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