Ways to Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Tips to Boost Your Website's Conversion Rate in San Diego, CA

Websites, on average, generate about two conversions per hour. This may not seem like much, but it’s actually a fairly decent conversion rate. If you’re not seeing results in this range, there are steps you can take to boost your website’s conversion rate. The experts at Saba SEO, a premier web design company in San Diego, share several tips on how to achieve this goal. 

Use Pop-Ups Wisely

If used correctly, pop-ups that include special offers or other incentives can give you more conversions. You’ll be more likely to get better results with pop-ups if you:

• Put a delay on them so they don’t appear until 30 seconds or so after a visitor arrives at your site
• Set per-user limits so pop-ups only come up once
• Make it easy to click off the pop-up

Keep Track of Page Load Times

A common reason for a lack of sufficient conversions is because pages take forever to load. In terms of websites, “forever” typically means more than 5–10 seconds. Be cautious with anything that could slow your page load times, especially videos and images.

Declutter Your Website

Browse through your site and remove anything that’s redundant or not really necessary. The more focused your website is on creating a good user experience and providing the information necessary to inspire conversions, the more likely it is you’ll get the desired results.

Make Conversions Easy

Give visitors to your site multiple ways to take the desired action. Make it easy to do this with:

• Strategically placed calls to action
• Simple forms without unnecessary fields
• Easy-to-find buttons or tabs that take visitors directly to the page where they can wrap things up

Add Relevant Reviews & Testimonials

No visitor to a website wants to feel like he or she is the first one making a purchase. Give potential customers a confidence boost by listing relevant reviews and testimonials. You can also throw in logos if there are any well-known brands you often work with.

Give Users Social Media Sign-In Options

Convenience inspires conversions. And you can’t get more convenient than giving visitors the option of using social media sites like Facebook to sign in so they’ll have even fewer things to fill out. Google can also be used for this purpose.

Also, consider adding a live chat option to your site. This way, if potential customers have any lingering doubts or questions, they can get quick answers instead of bailing on your site entirely. Finally, consider A/B testing various elements of your website and its content to find what inspires the most conversions.

Optimizing your website’s conversion rate can be crucial to keeping your business competitive. Whether you need a web design expert or a search engine optimization specialist, reach out to Saba SEO. As a leading SEO company in San Diego, we have more than fifteen years of experience in website design, online marketing, and search engine optimization. Our web development specialists can create a responsive and mobile-friendly website for your business that’s sure to boost your conversion rate. Give us a call at 858-277-1717 to talk to one of our website design specialists.