Simple Ways to Increase Your Website’s Appeal

How to Increase Your Website’s Appeal in San Diego, CA

First impressions really matter when it comes to any website. In fact, visitors typically make up their minds about a site within a matter of seconds based on what they see and experience. How do you make that crucial good first impression with your website? The San Diego web design experts from Saba SEO offer some tips for your consideration.

Display a Clutter-Free Homepage

The homepage is so named because it’s where most new visitors go when checking out a website. Make this page more attractive by getting rid of excess clutter. With website design, this means:

• Removing graphics that aren’t necessary
• Allowing enough space for everything to be clearly noticed
• Limiting or managing pop-ups
• Keeping paragraphs short and informative
• Using compelling headlines, subheads, and calls to action
• Including only elements that emphasize your main message

Experiment with Fonts…but Don’t Get Carried Away

It’s fine to present a vibrant display with your fonts, but don’t get carried away. Fonts that are too fancy or not correctly sized can be difficult to read or send the wrong message. Choose a font that’s easy to read and reflects the nature of your business or brand.

Create Recognition with a Familiar Logo/Color Scheme

Make visitors to your website feel at home by using a logo and/or color scheme you’re already using in your other marketing efforts. If you haven’t yet invested in a logo, doing so can boost recognition and make visitors feel more comfortable when browsing and making decisions.

Present a Good Text/Visual Mix

A website is more attractive for many visitors if it includes a mix of relevant text and visuals. Do some A/B or comparison testing to see what combination of text, images, photos, and videos is right for your site.

Make Navigation Simple

When visitors come to a website, they want to quickly get to where they need to go. But if navigation is confusing or unclear, you’ll have a high bounce rate instead. Keep the focus on clarity and easy accessibility.

An “attractive” website isn’t just one that looks good. An appealing website also loads quickly and still remains readable on mobile devices. If you need some additional guidance to determine what your target audience prefers, check in with your current social media followers and email subscribers to seek some input.

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