What Can SiteGround cPanel Do for Me?

Usage of SiteGround cPanel in San Diego, CA

SiteGround cPanel is an all-in-one tool to manage website settings and hosting in one convenient spot. This Linux-based system is easy to use. Best of all, you can customize it to work in the way you prefer. Here’s a tutorial on what SiteGround cPanel can do for you, offered by the web design experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego web development company.

Statistics Monitoring

By checking out your cPanel statistics section, you can analyze the account usage statistics, which can help you determine how much of your resources you’re using and warn you if you’re close to your limit.

Visitor Logs

Who’s visiting your site and for how long? The cPanel can help you determine who your visitors are and what part of your site they’re visiting. The AWStats menu gives you vital information on the number of unique visitors, the top 25 countries your visitors are in, your bandwidth, and any HTTP error codes. This is all important for good SEO (search engine optimization), as this information is part of good UX (user experience), a factor that determines which sites rank with Google.

Manage Files

The SiteGround file manager is easily accessed from the cPanel files menu. You can create easy-to-organize files that allow you to edit them in one organized spot. You can compress, move, and even extract files using cPanel.


SiteGround offers backup management, something you may already manually do. They offer a calendar of backups at your fingertips, which could be useful in case you need to restore files, emails, or databases from your site as you troubleshoot site issues.


Security is a huge part of ranking on Google. SiteGround includes an SSL Certificate. The HTTP redirects will always commence at the server, which is more efficient and creates better UX.

Advanced Settings

SiteGround allows you to use the advanced settings to delete temporary files, which can help you control your disc space. 

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