Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Site

How to Attract More Customers to Your Site in San Diego, CA

Even in today’s crowded digital world, your business’s website is what ultimately attracts new clients—especially ones looking to get a better feel for what you offer and how you operate. But it’s all that extra competition for online attention that can make it difficult for new clients to actually find your site. The San Diego web design experts from Saba SEO explain some things you can do to steer interested individuals toward your website.

Research & Update Your Keywords

Keywords are still the heart of SEO, and they put your website front and center online. If you haven’t done so already, do some keyword research to find the terms and phrases that resonate most with your target clients. With keywords, do your research by:

• Using tools like Answer the Public and Google’s keyword tool
• Tapping into your target audience data (e.g., income level, geographic location, general preferences and interests, etc.)
• Seeing what keywords your competitors are using to target the same clients

Maintain an Active Blog

A blog can be an impressively effective way to convince potential clients to check out your website. For one thing, a blog gives you a chance to showcase your knowledge of your niche or industry. Further harness the power of your blog for website traffic purposes by including links back to relevant pages on your site.

Use the Right Social Media Platforms

Social media is an equally effective way to attract clients to your website. But don’t just randomly use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram simply because everybody else is. Do some research to see which platforms your target audience is more active on. You can then present content that’s relevant and engaging enough to encourage a visit to your website.

Explore Video Marketing

Viewers retain more than 90 percent of a message when watching a video compared to the 10 percent retention rate that’s common with text alone. This is why another way to attract clients to your website is to use video marketing, which is something you can do with:

• Online video tutorials
• Business intro videos
• Product/service demo videos
• Educational and informative videos specific to your industry or niche

Attracting clients to your website is only going to be beneficial if your site actually offers a good user experience. Otherwise, you’ll just see high bounce rates. Convince visitors to stick around and take the desired action with an inviting design that includes easy-to-use navigation features coupled with content presented in an easily digestible way.

Whether you need expert assistance with web design, search engine optimization, or social media marketing, Saba SEO can help. We’re a premier San Diego SEO company with more than fifteen years of experience in SEO, search engine marketing, and website development. Our digital marketing experts can create a responsive, mobile-friendly website for your business and provide high-quality content designed to attract new customers and boost your online ranking. Give one of our specialists a call today.