How Using Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click) Can Boost Organic Results

Effects of Google Ads PPC on Organic Results in San Diego, CA

Organic results are displayed below paid results on search engine results pages. But this doesn’t mean these two types of results live in different worlds independently of one another. In fact, pay-per-click (PPC) ads can have an indirect impact on organic results. The professionals at Saba SEO, a top-tier San Diego SEO and digital marketing firm, explain how.

More Organic Clicking

Approximately 2–3 percent of all Google clicks come from PPC. Organic results, on the other hand, account for around 50–60 percent of all clicks. Since paid and organic results share the same space to some extent, you could still end up with a conversion if searchers get to your site or landing page via an organic source discovered when seeing your paid results.

Added Organic Content Interest

Even if searchers don’t actually click a paid ad, they’re still more likely to check out related organic results. This is backed by results from a Google study suggesting a link between an increased interest in organic content and paid ads.

Improved Brand Familiarity

The front-and-center way paid ads are presented can, at the very least, expose searchers to your business. In turn, this added exposure could inspire more willingness to consider what you’re offering. This can also give you an edge over competitors lacking brand familiarity and not running paid campaigns.

Link-Building/Brand Mention Opportunities

Clickers getting to your site via paid ads could end up liking what they see enough to link back to your site or mention it in their own content. The result could be a boost in backlinks to your site as well as brand mentions, two things considered by Google to be an indication of trust. Indirectly, this could help your organic rankings.

Because of the numerous possibilities with PPC campaigns, there are many ways to find a happy medium between paid and organic results for your business. The one constant with both paid and organic results is the need to focus on quality, user-focused, relevant content, which is what ultimately maintains and increases online visibility.

Whether you need a focused PPC campaign or a comprehensive SEO plan, the digital marketing experts at Saba SEO can help. We are a leading San Diego SEO agency with more than fifteen years of professional experience in paid marketing and search engine optimization. Our experts can analyze your business objectives and target audience and offer customized solutions to boost your online visibility. We also specialize in social media marketing, and we’re up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our online marketing specialists.