3 Ways Small Businesses Can Outrank Amazon

How Can Small Businesses Outrank Amazon in San Diego, CA

It can be difficult for small e-commerce stores to compete against massive brands like Amazon. These large retailers usually dominate the search engine results page, and you may not think your small business can beat them. However, it’s possible to outrank Amazon, which could bring you a huge boost in sales. Here are three tips for strengthening your SEO strategy and beating Amazon in the SERPs, brought to you by the team at Saba SEO, one of the leading San Diego SEO companies.

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you only focus on short-tail keywords like “mattresses” or “women’s shoes,” you probably won’t outrank Amazon or other major retailers. There are so many different websites and businesses trying to rank for those keywords, and it’s easy for smaller e-commerce stores to get lost under the larger and more authoritative sites.

Instead, you should utilize unique long-tail keywords to beat your competition. Most large retailers like Amazon don’t use long-tail keywords, so these keywords can increase your ranking. Instead of using “women’s shoes” as your main keyword, you could incorporate keywords like “Nike women’s running shoes” or “women’s red sandals.”

2. Improve Your User Experience

User experience is one of the most important factors in search engine rankings. One of your main priorities should be increasing your visitors’ engagement rates and decreasing bounce rates. Increasing your page speed and making your site mobile-friendly can enhance user experience. Also, every piece of content on each page should be useful for your visitors.

3. Don’t Use Stock Product Descriptions

Sites like Amazon offer thousands or millions of products, and they typically don’t have time to write unique product descriptions. If you can include unique and keyword-rich descriptions for each of your items, you may outrank Amazon in the SERPs. Try to provide as much useful and relevant information as possible. For example, you could use long-tail keywords to create unique content for your products and services that keeps your visitors on your site for longer.

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