What SEO Pros Can Do to Battle Manipulation

How SEO Industry Can Fight Manipulation in San Diego, CA

Can anyone guarantee your company’s Google SEO ranking? Does Google work with any other organization when determining their search engine optimization criteria? Google acts alone. They don’t work with any other organization, nor do they share their changes. Experts figure out what has been done, but Google doesn’t disclose any detailed information. What other sorts of misinformation are there in the SEO world? The experts from Saba SEO, an industry-leading San Diego SEO agency, explain how the SEO industry can fight manipulation.


How do you know if a real celebrity is following your social media? There’s a blue check next to his or her name. Previously, hackers would pretend to be celebrities and slide into starstruck fans’ DMs. The unsuspecting fans would give the phony celebs money for fake charities. These impersonators can now be verified by the blue checks. Celebrities always want to be transparent about their charities. They’ll never privately approach you. If they’re sponsoring charities, they’ll do so up front. Only hackers will impersonate famous people. Most celebrities post information on what social media they do use. This is an issue they deal with repeatedly.


Ambiguation is when competitors or hackers try to flood the Internet with incorrect contact information, which can be the wrong phone number or website address. Thanks to Google’s jigsaw, they can combat this misinformation.

Data Voids

Can you manipulate SEO by missing some information? Data voids—terms or words that are missing from search engines—are one way. They can be newly coined terms. Data voids can also be breaking news or new terms. This isn’t easily solvable, but Google is likely working on trying to prevent data voids from manipulating search results.

Posting Disinformation\

It’s still possible to post disinformation. Whole websites with false information can still rank high. These types of disinformation include adjusting maps or posting misleading information.

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