Why Are Internal Links Important for SEO?

The Importance of Internal Links in SEO in San Diego, CA

SEO is one of the key components in planning your content strategy. Linking is essential to achieving best SEO practices. While all links are important, internal linking is one of those best practices that needs to be done correctly to watch SEO rank. Using an internal link involves linking one of your website pages to another by means of a link. The SEO experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO company, explain why internal links are important in SEO.

You’re in Charge

There’s often the perception that you’re not always in charge when it comes to SEO. However, internal links put you in the driver’s seat. When you add a link, you control where customers look. It also helps you lead the Google bots to the material that gives your site authority. This shows superior knowledge and authority on subjects to get higher SEO ranking.

You Can Choose Links for Value

Link value is important when choosing internal links. Links from your homepage to another page have far higher value than internal links between two pages within your website. There’s higher link value with FAQ and About Us pages. Understanding how this affects SEO can help you link more thoughtfully.

You Can Review Content

Internal linking can help you review your content. The Google bots will be confused if you have two pages that include the same major keywords. By condensing material from both pages into one big knowledge page, you can control the SEO value of that page. You solidify your SEO ranking by including many relevant internal links from that major page.

You Can Give Attention to Old Content

Don’t forget to include internal links to old content. A new or popular post can boost the SEO ranking of a less popular page. 

If you’re planning to incorporate link building and you need help setting up internal links on your site, understanding how search engines view your content, or developing your overall SEO strategy, call on the SEO experts from Saba SEO, an industry-leading provider of San Diego SEO services with more than fifteen years of experience. Reach out to one of our SEO specialists today at 858-277-1717.