Using Long-Tail Keywords for Successful SEO

How to Use Long-Tail Keywords for Successful SEO in San Diego, CA

Long-tail keywords can be key to your SEO (search engine optimization) success. They’re a way to bring your site to the top of search results and rank ahead of the big brands. The experts at Saba SEO, an industry-leading San Diego SEO agency, explain what long-tail keywords are and how you can use them in your SEO strategy.

Long-Tail Keywords Defined

Imagine you’re searching for a banana bread recipe. A long-tail keyword could be “banana bread with walnuts and chocolate recipe.” That’s more specific, and the search results will bypass the big players and highlight recipe sites that have used these kinds of long-tail keywords.

Natural Search

The magic of long-tail keywords is that they match the way people search the Internet. This is true for both traditional searches and voice searches done on home devices such as Alexa and Google Home.

Varied Long-Tail Keywords

Varying long-tail keywords involves making small alterations. Using the banana bread recipe as an example, another long-tail keyword might be “vegan gluten-free banana bread with chocolate and walnuts.” This is incredibly specific. Best of all, it will weed out all the generic banana bread recipes and put yours toward the top.


It’s easier to rank with long-tail keywords than with main keywords. Larger organizations with bigger budgets may rule out single-word keywords, but your organization can rank with long-tail keywords because searches with greater numbers of words are more refined.

Deep Dives

Content with specific long-tail keywords naturally helps you create material that takes a deep dive into your topic.

Potential Buyers

Potential customers who use long-tail keywords that lead to your site are more likely to buy from you because you’ve pinpointed exactly what they want. Viewers don’t need to go anywhere else because they’ve found exactly what they were looking for.

If you want to drive traffic to your site, using long-tail keywords is a great strategy, and Saba SEO can help. As a premier SEO company in San Diego, we have served clients for almost fifteen years. In addition to search engine optimization, our services include website development, social media marketing, and online reputation management. To boost your ranking, reach out to one of our SEO specialists at 858-277-1717.