What Is Digital Marketing & How Does It Work?

How Digital Marketing Works in San Diego, CA

The first example of “digital” marketing dates back to 1896, when Guglielmo Marconi, the man credited with inventing radio, broadcast a show from the Metropolitan Opera in New York, resulting in a surge in ticket purchases. Today, digital marketing has evolved to include advertising on the internet and blending offline and online marketing efforts. The experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading digital marketing companies in San Diego, explain how digital marketing works and how to make it work for you.

Understanding the Categories of Digital Marketing

Let’s start with a brief overview of digital marketing. With digital marketing, you’re selling products or services through digital channels that typically include email, social media platforms, and mobile apps. However, digital marketing is more than just what happens online. It can be broken down into a broader range of categories that include:

• Online marketing
• Enhanced offline marketing
• Radio marketing
• Television marketing
• Phone marketing, which includes calling and texting

Selecting Appropriate Digital Marketing Methods

A website is often the heart of digital marketing done online. However, it needs to be supported by other efforts to steer traffic to it. Options include:

• Paid advertising
• Social media engagement
• Email marketing campaigns
• Offline efforts that promote your website (e.g., your website address mentioned in TV, radio, or print ads)

Setting Goals & Knowing Your Target Audience

What’s appropriate for your needs is largely based on your goals with digital marketing and how your intended audience or target consumer prefers to interact with your business or brand. This information is also what helps you figure out which specific platforms to use for social media, how to manage your email campaigns, and how your offline efforts fit into your online ones

Putting a Digital Marketing Strategy into Motion

Once you know what your goals are and who you’re targeting with your digital marketing efforts, the next step is to put your strategy into motion. This is the point where digital marketing is coupled with additional elements that include:

• Search engine optimization, or SEO, to help searchers and search engines understand and discover your content
• Relatable, easily digestible content
• Multichannel marketing efforts to target multiple points of contact and engagement
• Linking offline and online efforts to create a more comprehensive marketing strategy

The final piece of the pie with digital marketing is tracking results so adjustments can be made as necessary. When properly planned and executed, a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, especially one that includes a combination of online and offline techniques, can produce reliable and meaningful results and a good return on your investment.

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