COVID-19 Impacted Your Website? See How Google Ads Can Help

Covid-19 Impacted Your Website See How Google Ads Can Help in San Diego, CA

Has COVID-19 impacted your website? See how Google Ads can help you get more business now. The key now is transparency and communication. Here are some ways to make that strategy shift, offered by the team from Saba SEO, the experts in Internet marketing San Diego businesses rely on for top-tier service and unparalleled industry expertise.

Updated Ad Campaigns

Your Google Ad campaign should be updated to reflect changes your business has made in response to the coronavirus. Include information on how you’ll get merchandise into your customers’ hands. Do you offer delivery? Is there a store pickup option? Details on these services must be included in your ad campaign.


Right now, customers are seeking both mandatory and comfort items. Whether you’re selling toilet paper, hand lotion, games, or miniature birthday cakes, customers need to know what you have in stock, your prices, and when they can expect to get these items. One way is to keep track of your inventory numbers in the Google Merchant Center.

Google Trends

Keep up to date on what local customers need with Google Trends. You may not sell hand sanitizer, but you may find crafts are trending in your area, which means your hand-dyed knitting yarn could come in handy for high-risk customers who cannot drive to your store for supplies. Use this information to adjust your Google Ads.

Google My Business

Besides updating Google Ads, make sure you have a Google My Business page for each of your business’s locations. This will work hand in hand with your Google Ads. In addition, make sure all the information is complete and current.

Part of your business operations may be forced to shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. How are you serving customers? If you have a delivery service or online shop, this is something you want updated online. If you’re open, make sure you share all the precautionary measures you’re taking to ensure customer safety. 

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