4 Ways Google Is Simplifying the SEO Process

Learn the SEO Process in San Diego, CA

There are two main reasons Google cares about SEO. First of all, they want to create good user experiences by directing searchers to useful information. Secondly, effective and efficient SEO makes it easier for Google to sell and place more ads by targeting interested customers. The experts at Saba SEO, San Diego’s premier digital marketing agency, discuss four ways Google is simplifying the search engine optimization process.

1. Adding an SEO Audit Feature to the Lighthouse Tool

Google Lighthouse is a handy tool that allows you to test website factors such as performance and accessibility. Google has added a new SEO component to this tool that can also evaluate webpages to determine how well optimized they are for search engines. They also offer advice on what can be done to improve SEO deficiencies. SEO-related issues typically covered include:

  • Title tags
  • Canonical tags
  • Text size (especially important for content viewing on mobile devices)

2. Introducing a New and Improved Search Console

Google’s new version of Webmaster Tools has been improved in a way that’s good for SEO. The most notable update is the ability to view up to 16 months of search performance data. This ability alone makes it easier to analyze long-term trends. An updated Index Coverage report shows:

  • Correctly indexed URLs
  • Warnings when there are potential issues
  • Reasons some URLs aren’t being indexed by Google

3. Updating the SEO Guide

Google has relaunched and updated its SEO starter guide. It’s an important resource for getting a better idea of what to do to keep both Google and online searchers happy. The updated SEO guide includes advice on:

  • Organizing content topics
  • Understanding what visitors want
  • Optimizing images, headlines, and text for actual users rather than search engines
  • Creating both webpages and blogs with the target audience in mind

4. Hiring a Public Search Liaison

While a big chunk of Google’s revenue comes from paid search, the company’s hiring of a new public search liaison suggests they’re still firmly committed to organic search. Previously, the head of Google’s WebSpam team handled communications with the SEO community. The company has now hired an SEO journalist and analyst to handle such duties. The move suggests a shift toward more openness with search engine optimization.

Google is also heavily investing in artificial intelligence, as evidenced by the company’s algorithm learning AI system called RankBrain. The reason for the AI focus is because a big part of SEO these days involves sorting through massive amounts of data and developing a better understanding of the intent behind search habits. Google is already working on achieving these goals in a way that’s understandable to anyone interested in SEO.

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