What Google Is Doing to Protect Smaller Businesses from Scams

Small Business Scams in San Diego, CA

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) that depend on online engagement for their revenue and brand visibility try to keep Google happy. You can image how concerned business owners would be when receiving a notice or phone call supposedly from Google threatening to remove their listing. This is just one example of the types of fraud small businesses are susceptible to. The experts at Saba SEO, the best web design company San Diego has to offer, discuss some of the steps Google is taking to protect SMBs from scams.

What Kind of Scams Is Google Fighting? 

Some fraudsters set up fake accounts that claim to be affiliated with Google. Other companies target SMB owners with robocalls where they claim their listings on Google will be immediately taken down unless they return the calls. Other scammers try to convince business owners to pay for certain SEO services that Google offers for free.

What Are the New Steps Being Taken?

Google has already fought several scammers in court with various lawsuits, and they plan to continue to do so. Individuals or companies pretending to be Google or have an affiliation with the company also have to face repercussions from the Federal Trade Commission. Google will now take additional steps to make it easier to identify scammers and report fraud. Such efforts include:

  • Identifying scammers’ accounts more efficiently
  • Offering a tool for SMB owners to report scams and fraud attempts
  • Providing a directory of trusted partners (Google My Business Partners program)
  • Making more resources available to local small business owners

What Recommendations Does Google Have for SMB Owners?

First of all, Google suggests making any callers prove they’re actually from Google. Fraudulent callers tend to be evasive if challenged on a call. When it comes to potentially fraudulent contact attempts, Google also suggests:

  • Claiming Google My Business listings
  • Realizing claims that ranking will be affected when contacted by someone professing to be Google are usually false
  • Not responding to robocalls
  • Making use of Do Not Call Registries

Google does sometimes call to offer services to listed businesses. However, they will never ask for payment information over the phone, nor do they use automated call systems. Also, Google always gives callers an opportunity to opt out when contacted by phone. Any contact attempts not in line with these procedures should be viewed as suspicious.

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