A Quick Look at Google Tag Manager

A Glance at Google Tag Manager in San Diego, CA

A tag is a JavaScript code that sends marketing and analytics data to third parties like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Facebook. Google Tag Manager, or GTM, provides an easy way for you to add tags to your website. Without Tag Manager, you have to add the code for the tags directly to the website files. GTM is an easier way to add and manage tags on your site, and it is an integral part of web design and development.

Google Tag Manager gives you control over when and where the tag should or shouldn’t fire. GTM also makes it easy to add, remove, enable, or disable tags.

With GTM, you don’t have to edit the website code to change the tags. Your tags are placed in the GTM container code, which appears on each page of the website. GTM also provides the opportunity for advanced tracking. For example, it allows you to track clicks on all of your site’s external links.

To use Google Tag Manager, create an account at tagmanager.google.com. You can see the container code by logging into Tag Manager, clicking on the “Admin” tab, and clicking “Install Google Tag Manager.” Then, add the container tag code to your website to install it.

GTM has many tag templates that deploy tags to different sites. These templates are especially helpful for sending data to non-Google sites such as Facebook and Twitter. To add a new tag, visit the “Container Overview” page, click “Add New Tag,” click “Tag Configuration,” and find and add the tag you want.

You can also use Google Tag Manager for your mobile app. GTM on mobile uses Firebase, Google’s mobile app platform. To install for mobile use, select the “mobile app” option when you create a container. Then, choose Android or iOS as the container type.

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