Google Detects 25 Billion Spammy Pages Daily

Google Finds Over 25 Billion Spammy Pages Every Day in San Diego, CA

Google is on the hunt for spam—and there’s a lot of it out there. This is the big takeaway from Google’s 2019 Webspam Report, which summarizes the leading search engine’s efforts to fight spam. The experts at Saba SEO, the premier experts on SEO in San Diego, discuss what Google’s annual report reveals about spammy webpages and how they’re being dealt with. 

Most Google Search Results Are Spam-Free

According to the report, more than 99 percent of Google’s search results are actually free of spam. Still, this doesn’t mean spam isn’t being found in significant quantities. In fact, Google’s team unearths roughly 25 billion spam-infused webpages per day and filters them out of search engine results pages.

Machine Learning Is Boosting Google’s Spam-Prevention Results

Google attributes its increased spam-detection accuracy to machine learning, referring to the ability to better understand massive amounts of data. In 2019, Google received more than 200,000 reports of search-related spam, and the search engine giant took action on just over 80 percent of those reports.

Paid & Exchange Links Are Less Effective Now

Link spam is an especially common type of user-generated spam Google is getting better at finding. In the report, Google states more than 90 percent of this type of spam was caught by the company’s various systems. For this reason, Google confidently declares that paid and exchange links are less effective now. Google also reports being better at finding spammy sites with questionable or outright deceptive elements, including:

• Fake buttons
• Excessive ads
• Questionable redirects
• Malware

Google also cites increased webmaster outreach as a reason for its improved spam-fighting efforts. In 2019, according to the report, Google sent 90 million-plus messages regarding spammy content to website owners. As for why Google is so diligent about fighting spammy web content, the company says it’s simply due to a desire to improve the quality of search results, which is what ultimately leads to a better user experience for anyone looking for anything online.

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