What Happens When You Overload Your Local SEO Content?

This Happens When You Overload Your Local SEO Content in San Diego, CA

Content creation is an important aspect of local SEO, but too much content can be detrimental to your site’s search rankings. Some business owners or SEO agencies produce content in bulk in an attempt to boost local SEO rankings, but there are much more effective ways to increase your rankings.

The biggest mistake content creators make is including doorway pages in their sites. Some local businesses believe these pages will attract customers from more locations. In reality, Google has been penalizing sites that use doorway pages since 2015. Doorway pages are location-targeted pages that don’t offer any real information. The entire reason doorway pages exist is to restate the same weak content over and over again, using different city names with each page. Experienced and professional internet marketing service providers do not use or recommend using doorway pages.

Google considers pages to be in the doorway category if their entire purpose is search engine optimization and if they duplicate content that can be found elsewhere on the site. Doorway pages can’t be found in any menu on the site and can’t be navigated to from other pages on the site. They can only be found in a location-based Google search, and their goal is to funnel traffic into the “real” website pages.

If you have several pages of content about the same product or service that target different cities, Google can penalize you. Instead of using doorway pages, focus on creating content that actually provides value for your visitors. Write blog posts that answer your customers’ questions or cover trending topics. Adding two or three high-quality, informative pages each month will be much more successful for SEO and for converting customers than adding 20 pages of repetitive, location-based content.

To optimize your site for multiple cities in your area, you can create blog content for each location. However, your blog posts should be completely unique for each city. Generating links from other local businesses is another great way to boost local SEO.

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