Boosting Website Traffic with an Online Contest

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One of the best-kept SEO (search engine optimization) secrets is the value of holding an online contest. It offers an opportunity to broaden your audience, create high-quality links, and improve your ranking. Holding a contest for a prize that aligns with your customer base is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Here are a few ways an online contest can help you drive more traffic to your website, brought to you by the experienced professionals from Saba SEO, one of the premier digital marketing and SEO companies San Diego businesses rely on for high-quality service and outstanding expertise.

High-Quality Backlinks

By hosting an online contest, you’ll obtain high-quality backlinks from other influencers, experts, and news organizations that report on the contest. Google rewards high-quality backlinks with improved SEO, which increases ranking.

Local Ranking

Don’t forget to consider holding a local contest, which means local organizations and media would set up backlinks to your site. Obtaining local links can drive more local traffic to your site. Why is this important? Half of all mobile searches are local searches.

Competitive Edge

You’re always looking for ways to stand out from your competition. Creating an online contest can build name recognition that leaves your competitors in the dust.

Increased Social Media Presence

Many online contests grant contestants bonus entries for every social media platform they post the contest promotion on, which can lead to increased brand presence on social media.


With a contest, you’ll obtain email addresses from contestants. You can create newsletter content to send to these email address and drive more traffic to your site. Capturing email addresses is once again becoming more important. With email, you control your own platform, and you don’t have to abide by other platforms’ new rules or additional costs for running channels. Most of all, you won’t need to fear the day when your preferred social media channel alters its business policy on a whim. 

When you’re looking for ways to drive traffic to your website, an online contest can be just the right tactic to improve your SEO. San Diego businesses rely on the experience and expertise of the professionals at Saba SEO to help them boost their rank and build a strong customer base. For help with your SEO strategy, call one of our experienced SEO specialists today at 858-277-1717.