Top Methods for Tracking Organic Conversions

Methods for Tracking Organic Conversion in San Diego, CA

Organic search refers to what shows up naturally on search engine results pages. These results are usually seen just below paid ads. If a big chunk of your conversions come from organic SEO efforts, you’ll definitely want to track your results carefully. The experts from Saba SEO, a top-tier SEO, digital marketing, and web design company in San Diego, discuss some of your best options.

Set Up a Google Analytics Account

One of the easiest ways to track organic conversions is with Google Analytics (GA). All you have to do is insert some code on your site, know what goals you want to achieve, and personalize the reports you want to see to track your conversions. With goals, you’ll create each one in GA in Standard Reports after clicking on the Admin button.

Use Event Tracking in GA

With organic conversions, you may want to track specific actions taken on different web pages. This is something you might prefer to do if one of your goals is to get visitors to spend more time on certain parts of your site to encourage more conversions. You can track this type of behavior with the Google Analytics Event Tracking feature.

Explore GA’s Multi-Channel Attribution Models

Another thing to track with organic conversions is the various touchpoints that are part of the customer journey and how those interaction points are associated with conversions. You can track stats of this nature in GA under the Attributions tab. Look for “Multi-Channel Attribution.” You’ll get access to an assortment of useful models, including ones that show the following details: 

  • All actions that took place before a conversion happened (last interaction model)
  • The first click that started each consumer’s journey (first interaction model)
  • Touchpoints that are closer to the time of conversion (time-decay attribution model) 

SEMrush also has handy tools you can use to gain organic traffic insights. You’ll have the option to conveniently merge Google Analytics and Search Console data to get a more detailed organic search picture. The information you get from GA and any outside tools you may wish to use can be used to determine just how effective your online marketing strategy is in terms of the goals you have for your organic conversions.

Whether you need help tracking your conversions or creating a winning digital marketing strategy, call on the pros at Saba SEO. San Diego companies know they can rely on our expertise and commitment to service when they want to boost online visibility and increase conversion rates. Give us a call today at 858-277-1717 to learn how we can help.