How Small & Medium-Sized Businesses View Internet Marketing

How Small & Medium-Sized Companies View Web Marketing in San Diego, CA

Internet marketing can be an excellent way to spark engagement, increase visibility, and affect profitability by attracting the right kind of attention. According to a recent survey, 75 percent of small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners agree that internet marketing is effective. Here is a detailed look at how SMB owners view online marketing in San Diego and other cities.

SMB Owners Don’t Budget Much for Online Marketing

Most smaller businesses budget less than $500 per month on all marketing efforts, and only a fraction of this amount is typically budgeted for internet and mobile. While there are some SMBs investing more in online marketing, others are less inclined to do so. Smaller businesses with limited budgets need to:

  • Base online marketing efforts on a thorough understanding of their target consumers
  • Distribute content via platforms where there’s more engagement
  • Carefully track results to know what’s working and where to focus attention

More SMB Owners Have Plans to Increase Online Spending

Nearly 40 percent of small business owners plan to increase their internet marketing spending within the next year. The good news is that SMB owners see value in online engagement and they want to make it a priority.

SMB Owners See the Potential for a Good ROI with Internet Marketing

Seventy-five percent of SMB owners believe internet marketing is effective at grabbing the attention of new customers, which suggests that many entrepreneurs see the potential for a desirable return on their investment with internet marketing. As far as what metrics contribute to a good ROI with online marketing, smaller businesses tend to focus on:

  • How many phone calls they get from online efforts
  • Website traffic
  • Rankings on search engine results pages

Not all smaller or medium-sized businesses invest in internet marketing. Some of them are reluctant to allocate their marketing budgets toward SEO. The hesitation may stem from a belief that it’s impossible to get a leg up on competitors already thoroughly invested in online engagement. There are also concerns that it will be too expensive or difficult to keep up with all the various aspects of SEO. However, SEO can be a smart, cost-effective, long-term investment when effectively implemented and managed.

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