The Mathematical Reason Why Social Media Matters to SEO

Why Mathematical Reason Why Social Media Matters to SEO

Social media is not currently part of Google’s search algorithm. Social media platforms are routinely used by nearly 2 billion internet users over the world, and the search engine does consider what happens as a result of your social media engagement. For this reason, it makes sense to promote your content via your various social platforms. San Diego SEO experts share a few reasons why social media is important for SEO.

Getting Social Content to Creators

When it comes to SEO, the number of tweets or likes you get on social media does not make much difference. Instead, you should focus on the number of creators who see your social content. Sometimes referred to as “influencers,” these are the people who will place a link back to your social content within their content or link back to your website because they liked something you posted.

Finding an Audience That’s Actually Engaged

A brand with 5,000 followers can have more success with SEO than a brand with 20,000 followers because quantity isn’t as important as quality. Social media shares that do not inspire your audience to spread the word about your brand aren’t going to do anything for your SEO efforts.

Attracting the Attention of Creators

According to an estimate, one out of three social media users can be considered creators. However, creators capable of amplifying your message to others are sent a lot of content every day. To ensure your social content is visible to creators, consider the following measures:

• Find creative ways to share your content socially more than once
• Optimize your social snippets with relevant keywords
• Promote your content across multiple social platforms

Boosting Your Creator Conversion Rate

The last part of the social SEO equation is determining how many creators link to your brand considering the contents you post on your social media platforms. In other words, how many people are going to do something with your content that will boost your brand’s visibility? The way to win over these coveted creators is with content that’s actually relevant and useful enough to get more shares and increase conversions.

The powers that be at Google and Bing are probably thinking of ways to incorporate social signals into their algorithms as we speak. In the meantime, you can consult Saba SEO on how to use social media effectively. Our team can offer expert advice on matters such as the content you share, your overall engagement strategy, and how you can use your social platforms effectively to drive traffic back to your website. To schedule an appointment, give us call at 858-951-1717 today.