3 Things to Consider When Reducing Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Things to Consider When Reducing Digital Marketing During COVID in San Diego, CA

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unexpected challenges for businesses of all sizes across the world. The combination of stay-at-home orders and massive layoffs has led to a dramatic decrease in spending, and many business owners are struggling to stay afloat during the crisis. As you try to find ways to tighten up your budget, you may decide to cut back on your spending for Internet marketing. San Diego business owners should consider these three things to maximize their marketing results while reducing their budgets due to COVID-19.

1. Paid Search

Most people are only looking to buy essentials during the pandemic, so search demand is down overall. Unless your product or service is an essential need during this time, it may be wise to reduce your paid spend. However, if your business does sell something that’s in demand, now may be a good time to focus your attention on paid search ads because bids in many industries are at an all-time low.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is inexpensive and effective at a time like this. Consumers may not be seeking out your business during the pandemic, but it doesn’t hurt to connect with your existing customers. You can send an email informing your customers about how your business processes have changed due to COVID-19 and telling them how they can still access your products or services online. Be careful not to turn the pandemic itself into a marketing strategy, though. Your customers want to know you’re here to help, not to profit from the crisis.

3. SEO

Many businesses are seeing performance losses with their organic SEO during COVID-19, but this is due to a temporary drop in search demand. Rankings haven’t changed, so it may be best to maintain your SEO campaign for the duration of the pandemic. When search demand returns to normal, you’ll quickly recover your site’s usual traffic.

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