Top 5 Tips for Videos to Increase Your SEO Rankings

Great Tips on How to Generate Large Quantitites of SEO Ranking with Videos in San Diego, CA

Having trouble boosting your SEO rankings? No problem. In the digital age, there’s nothing more that potential customers love more than online videos. Here are five ways you can use videos to increase your SEO rankings.

1. Use Videos to Solve a Problem

One of the easiest ways to use professional video production to boost your search engine optimization efforts is to post videos that solve a common problem among your customers. This can be as simple as walking through the steps with customers, drawing on a whiteboard in a conference room or showing them how to troubleshoot software. You can also highlight products, display new innovative ways to use current product or release new product information.

2. Make a Video Resource Center

As you start making more and more videos, put together a video resource center that is easy for your customers to navigate. This should also be searchable, so make sure your videos are accurately labeled and tagged. There should also be a separate page for each video. Nothing is harder than trying to find the video you need when you are faced with an entire page of video content.

3. Transcriptions Can Help Rankings

It is a good idea to use transcriptions along with your video content. In fact, transcriptions will really help your organic search engine rankings. Include a transcription of the video directly to the page HTML. This gives viewers the option to read about the video if they cannot listen the whole time or to read through certain key points made in the video. Not only does this help your SEO efforts, it will help improve your user experience.

4. Use YouTube

YouTube is a great place to preview your high-value content and drive curious consumers back to your actual website. Leverage YouTube as an awareness channel and use the site’s annotations to put a call to action in the video that sends viewers back to the resource library we mentioned earlier.

5. Make Videos Shareable

Like all other content, make it easy for others to share your content. Others who like your videos should have no problem embedding them in their own site, which also gets you a backlink valuable to your SEO.

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