7 Tips on Fixing Your Social Media Campaign (When It Isn’t Working)

Advice on Fixing Your Social Media Campaign in San Diego, CA

Social media is highly engaging and often an effective way to extend your online visibility and boost your brand’s image. Of course, all of this good stuff only happens when a campaign is actually working. If you’re not seeing the results you were expecting with a social media campaign, there are some things you can do to fix it.

1. Change Your Content

Poorly written content isn’t going to impress your followers. The same holds true for too much content recycled from your blog, website, or other sources online. For an effective social media marketing campaign, your content needs to be:

  • Brief and to the point
  • Entertaining and interactive
  • Relevant to your intended audience

2. Take a Cue from Comments

Let’s assume your content is just fine. Then the problem may lie with the topics covered in your posts. Look through the comments you’re getting to see what resonates with your followers and what does not generate much interest.

3. Incorporate SEO into Your Campaign

A social media campaign that’s not optimized for search engines isn’t likely to be a successful one. Fix this issue by adding some relevant keywords and links within your posts. A search engine optimized social campaign can turn up in organic search results and attract more attention. Google already includes Twitter posts in search results.

4. Test Different Types of Content

Your campaign may be failing because you executed it without testing it first. Present a few different types of content to see if you get a better response. Content that often works well via social media includes:

  • Questions or surveys
  • A mix of text, images, and videos
  • Fast facts or useful tips

5. Make It Less ‘Salesy’

A social media campaign isn’t meant to be overtly sales promotional. Cut down on your promotional efforts and focus on informative and useful content. You can still generate traffic back to your site, but in a more subtle way with quick mentions at the end of a post.

6. Adjust Your Timing with Your Social Content

Analyze, in greater detail, how your audience is interacting with you socially to determine when your followers are most active. Posts that linger before being noticed are often overlooked. Adjust your schedule by changing the dates when you post content or spacing it out differently.

7. Consider Hiring a Marketing Professional

It’s possible to rely on your staff to generate fresh social content, but this isn’t always an effective way to run a campaign. If nobody on your team has experience with social media, you may be better off hiring someone who actually does.

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