9 Simple Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

9 Tips on Designing a Successful Social Media Strategy in San Diego, CA

An effective social media strategy can help you communicate better with potential clients. With careful planning, you can create a strategy that will attract the customers you want. The staff at Saba SEO, leading providers of high-quality SEO in San Diego, share a few tips on how to create an effective social media strategy for your business.

1. Assess What You Have Now

Look at your company’s current social media accounts, and track the number of followers on each account. It is also a good idea to determine how frequently your followers are posting on your social pages.

2. Keep Your Customers’ Expectations in Mind

You may already be familiar with your customers’ tastes and preferences. Jot down a mission statement that will act as a litmus test for any social media post.

3. Figure Out Your Brand Personality

Determine your online brand personality, which is a living extension of your website or product. By using the proper language, fonts, colors, photography style, and emojis, you can boost your brand image on social media.

4. Think About What You Want to Share

From photos and videos to blog posts and interviews, there are several items that can be shared online. Make sure to vary the type of content you post on your social media page.

5. Schedule Content Effortlessly

Using social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer helps you evaluate what you are sharing and when. You can also plan special content for holidays or significant events within your industry.

6. Determine the Peak Traffic Time

When it comes to social posts, timing is important. Determine the peak traffic times to create a posting pattern that will draw customers. For example, you can post your company blogs on Mondays and Wednesdays or a schedule of events for your company at the beginning of the week.

7. Repeat Content Occasionally

Don’t be afraid to repeat the same content, but post on a different day of the week and at a different time.

8. Divide Content Topics

People may not want to follow an organization that only posts advertisements. Try to divide the types of posts evenly between company content, related content, and fun content. Company content includes blogs, videos, and advertisements. Related content can be something related to your product or service that will be of interest to your social media followers. Fun content can range from photos of employees to tasteful product jokes.

9. Explore Multiple Social Media Strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing. Although each type of social media requires different actions, there is still a lot of overlapping. You need good photos and texts that include associated keywords. For example, an effective Twitter strategy is responding to other relevant posts and posting photos with some text. Meanwhile, Instagram and Pinterest are both visual mediums and require good photographs. As for Facebook pages, posts that include both a photo and a detailed introduction often receive better engagement because they can be searched on the site.

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