Tips on Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Ideas to Create Efficient Facebook Ads in San Diego, CA

With over a billion active users, Facebook is an appealing platform for business owners. The social networking website offers several options for advertisers, especially those who want to tap into a large pool of consumers. Experts at a leading San Diego optimization firm discuss the basics of Facebook ads and how to use them to acquire more followers and customers.

Choose Campaign Objectives

You’ll have an assortment of choices for your campaign objectives. Some ads are designed to generate “likes,” while others are made to increase social media interactions or direct viewers to an advertiser’s website. Facebook ad campaigns can also be used to:

  • Encourage app installation
  • Boost app engagement
  • Increase attendance at an event related to your business
  • Promote offers that can be redeemed at your store

Set Your Campaign Budgets

After you’ve determined the purpose for your ads, establish your campaign budgets at the ad set level. You can decide how much you want to spend on your campaigns, with respect to any specific markets or campaign objectives. You’ll also have the option to:

  • Set daily budgets
  • Set budgets for the lifetime of the campaign
  • Select ad start and end dates

Narrow Your Ad Focus

As far as your target audience on Facebook is concerned, you’ll be able to narrow your focus based on a number of different factors. The focus of Facebook ads can be narrowed down on the basis of age, gender, location, interests, education level, and even relationship status.

Choose Ad Placement

You’ll have three main choices with the placement of your ads on Facebook. You can do a newsfeed ad that will appear in users’ newsfeeds along with other content they happen to be viewing. If your target audience is always on the go, opt for mobile newsfeed ads. With right-hand column ads, placement will be on the right side of users’ screens just below the trending topics.

Create Your Ads

You can create Facebook ads using the Power Editor tool. Once you become comfortable with setting up ads, you can explore additional features on the Power Editor such as:

  • Filtering ad views by campaigns, tags, or ad sets
  • Creating bulk ads
  • Access to the Audiences section where you’ll have the option to distribute ads to custom audiences, saved target groups, or lookalike audiences

Finally, make sure your company info is updated on your business’s Facebook page. Also, be mindful of your website and its content if you plan to use ads to drive traffic to your site. If your objective is to boost engagement with your campaigns, take the time to interact on Facebook so you can build long-term customer relationships.

Creating Facebook ads is one of the best ways to gain followers and potential customers using social media. In San Diego and cities all over the world, businesses trust Saba SEO for all their social media marketing needs. Our experts are up to date with the latest online trends, and they can create customized marketing campaigns to suit your needs. Whether you need advice on which social media platform to use or a comprehensive and budget-friendly digital marketing plan, we are here to help. To speak to one of our Social Media Managers, call us at 858-951-1717 today.