How to Track the Right Keywords & Locations for a Business

Tracking the Right Keywords & Locations for a Business in San Diego, CA

More than 63,000 Google searches are performed every second, and the majority of these have local intent. In addition, more than 90 percent of Google’s local results include 3-pack listings (top three searches for any given local business). Tracking the right keywords based on how people search locally can boost your chances of showing up in the listings that help local searchers make decisions. San Diego SEO experts share a few tips on how to track the right keywords and locations for your business.

Understand How People Search Locally

Local searches involve geomodified and geolocated keywords. Geomodified keywords reflect a searcher’s area of interest, but not necessarily his or her physical location. This is the kind of searching someone might do if he or she were planning a vacation. Geolocated keywords are specific to where a searcher is physically located at the moment.

Track National and Local Results

Tap into the searcher’s geomodified and geolocated search habits by looking at trends both locally and nationally for your preferred keywords. National search trends may lead you to keywords that are too competitive for your budget. However, you can still enjoy a good ROI with less competitive geomodified and geolocated choices.

Be Specific with Your Keywords

The more specific you get with your keywords, the better. While the keyword phrase “Italian pizza” may be far more popular than “Italian pizza Brooklyn,” you won’t necessarily attract the desired attention with the broader term. Using negative keywords (keywords you want excluded from search results) can also help you get more specific with the local keywords you want to track.

Maintain NAP Consistency

Geomodified and geolocated keyword results are both affected by the consistency of your business info. Make your keyword tracking more accurate by ensuring your NAP (name, address, phone number) details are correct and consistent wherever they appear online. Also, pay attention to your directory listings and the info you have for your My Business account.

Ideally, you want a balanced mix of geomodified and geolocated keywords so any searcher looking for your business can find you online. There is no magic formula to create the ideal keyword mix, but you can do testing to see which keywords are performing best for your business both nationally and locally. Simply trim your list based on your results to streamline your budget and boost your visibility.

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