10 Tips for Finding Fresh Ideas for Your Content

Ways to Find Fresh Ideas for Your Content in San Diego, CA

Creating fresh and interesting ideas for your site can be challenging. If you’ve found yourself with content writer’s block, follow these tips from the marketing experts at Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego, for finding new content ideas now.

1. Create a Survey

Create a survey or questionnaire for your customers. If you have a newsletter or social media page, ask them if they’ll partake in this survey. Although you can certainly offer an incentive, such as a 10 percent discount, many people just love the opportunity to give their opinions. The information can help you with what people want to know and what they like.

2. Read Comments

Whether on social media or on your blog, read the comments. What are customers saying? If you see a question asked once, there are likely more people who need that same information. Pose those questions in the header, and this can also help you with your SEO ranking.

3. Look at New Trends

Whether it’s the color or car of the year, you can find some trends that relate to your business. Creating content about current trends can help your site be showcased in new places.

4. Review Products

People love reviews and information about new products. You’re likely going to use tools that relate to your business. Write a review and gain readers and authority.

5. Revisit Old Material

Don’t be afraid to revisit old material. You may decide to look at where your site or business was last year or even five years ago. Things may have changed. Your customers will find that interesting.

6. Talk to an Expert

Interview an expert. This is very straightforward content that should garner an excellent backlink to boot.

7. See What Your Competitors Are Writing About

Check out your competitors. What are they writing about? You may have a different take or solution to offer.

8. Check Reddit

What are people on Reddit saying about your industry?

9. Create Guides

Longer content is king. Creating an ultimate guide will help you rank higher and offer you the opportunity to include many internal links.

10. Explain Basic Concepts

Don’t be afraid to speak to a new audience. Create content with vocabulary terms and information for those new to your products.

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