How to Obtain a Search Engine Marketing Job

Ways to Obtain a Search Engine Marketing Job

SEO-related positions rank among the top five marketing jobs today, according to In 2016, 90 percent of all marketing jobs required some type of digital skills. If your goal is to obtain a search engine marketing position, the good news is that your abilities are in demand. You just have to put together a plan to get noticed by potential employers. San Diego digital marketing experts share a few tips in this regard.

Emphasize the Right Skills on Your Resume

Get started with writing a resume, keeping your potential employers’ expectations in mind. In addition to highlighting your understanding of SEO, your resume should also emphasize essential soft skills. The skill sets likely to attract attention these days include:

  • Problem solving
  • Analytical thinking
  • Personality
  • Presentation skills

Use Guerrilla Tactics

When presenting yourself to prospective employers, adopt a “guerrilla” approach by turning your resume into a website. Use your SEO skills to incorporate elements into your site so it ranks high on search engine results pages. Alternately, you could create your own Google ad to emphasize your abilities to the employers. Potential employers are likely to be impressed with such talent.

Stay Up to Date with SEO Trends

Stay up to date with the latest SEO news by reading every resource you can find. Your resume is more likely to appeal to an employer if you’re well aware of the latest SEO tactics.

Connect with Potential Employers Online

Consider highlighting your SEO knowledge by seeking out the blogs or social pages of prospective employers and getting active on their accounts. Another option is to reach out directly by following them socially on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. In the process, you might pick up tips from other marketing job seekers who are doing the same thing.

For most SEO jobs, potential employers prefer about 4-10 years of experience. However, this doesn’t mean you should lose hope. Be diligent in your efforts and you may just land a search engine marketing job that’s right for you. To learn about the latest SEO trends and what search engine marketing agencies in San Diego look for in potential employees, call Saba SEO at 858-951-1717 today.